Homemade Guac: Take 1!

Hello! This past weekend, my sister and i made guacamole at home for the first time ever! It was quite simple to make, the toughest part is the actual peeling of the Avacado. Here's a quick post to discuss how we made it and how it turned out! We used: Onion (not pictured here), Green… Continue reading Homemade Guac: Take 1!


My Fitness Pal…Review & Uses

Hi All! Today i wanted to discuss with you all an app that i have been using daily for the past almost  6 months! For anyone who is trying to control their diet and/or wants to know how many calories they intake a day, this app is FOR YOU! Its so easy to use and… Continue reading My Fitness Pal…Review & Uses


Hello all! This is the LAST post for my second collaboration! Can't believe how quickly this collaboration also flew by! Make sure you check out week 1’s post right here! And Week 2's post right here! Also check out Sugar Smile's blog, for her post for this week! Let’s get started! This week, i'm bringing to you, a simple vanilla… Continue reading RECIPES 101! BAKING MINI SERIES: WEEK 3

Recipes 101! Baking Mini Series: Collaboration Kick off!

Hi again everyone! I  wanted to do a post today to share with you all another another exciting announcement!  Beginning from Sunday July 12th, Sugar Smile Baking and I will be collaborating to bring you a beginner bakers series! (Note this is my second collaboration going on this month, as you all know my first one is already in… Continue reading Recipes 101! Baking Mini Series: Collaboration Kick off!