Pretty Girls-Book Review

Hey everyone! It has been WAY TOO LONG since i've done a book review. But truth be told, it has been awhile since i read a book! With school and work, i don't have the time to read. But i have about a month break now, so i want to read as much as i… Continue reading Pretty Girls-Book Review


7 Book Recommendations by Rawan (Guest Post!)

Hi! Bringing to you another guest post by my bookworm blogger friend, Rawan! Check out my guest post on her blog as well, right here! Hey, everyone! As you may notice, this post isn't written by Sprinkle of Surprise, which can only mean one thing... IT'S A GUEST POST! Okay, as you can see from the… Continue reading 7 Book Recommendations by Rawan (Guest Post!)

#Girlboss – Book Review

Hi! When I came across this book, scrolling through my Instagram feed, I was immediately captured by its title. #Girlboss. Even though the book came out in 2014, for some reason (I guess I live under a rock to some things lol) I had never heard of it. I googled the title of the book,… Continue reading #Girlboss – Book Review


Fiction Friday: The Girl on the Train — Book Review

Hi Everyone! I'm bringing to you another book review today! I’ve been itching to get my hands on this book for months now. I was searching for top books to read (fiction) of 2015, and I’ve seen this book pop up on every single search I’ve done! So I knew I had to read it.… Continue reading Fiction Friday: The Girl on the Train — Book Review


Rooftops of Tehran

Hello all, It has been too long since i did a book review, and also too long since i read a book that i really enjoyed. But now i've finally read one and want to do this review for anyone who wants a good book recommendation! I finished this book early last week and told… Continue reading Rooftops of Tehran


Parallel Worlds

Wow! Where do i start with this book? I'm so glad I read it, and i actually came across it by total accident. One day, i was searching online good books to read, and i came across A Fall of Marigolds and decided to check it out from my library. All in all, i love… Continue reading Parallel Worlds