Huge Beauty Haul! (Sephora + Drug store)

Hiya everyone! Over the past month, I've done...a LOT of makeup and beauty product shopping, in preparation for my cousins wedding, coming up shortly, iA! There have been a few things on my mind that i wanted to get, and the wedding is perfect excuse to shop and stock up on products, that i will… Continue reading Huge Beauty Haul! (Sephora + Drug store)


7 Book Recommendations by Rawan (Guest Post!)

Hi! Bringing to you another guest post by my bookworm blogger friend, Rawan! Check out my guest post on her blog as well, right¬†here! Hey, everyone! As you may notice, this post isn't written by Sprinkle of Surprise, which can only mean one thing... IT'S A GUEST POST! Okay, as you can see from the… Continue reading 7 Book Recommendations by Rawan (Guest Post!)

NYX Soft Butter Cream | Review

Hiya lovelies! So today's post is about a recent purchase of 3 of NYX ¬†soft butter creams! I know..i know..i'm late to get on this bandwagon?! But better late then never, right! I've always known about these but never thought to really buy them, but as i'm getting closer to my cousins wedding, i've decided… Continue reading NYX Soft Butter Cream | Review