Huge Beauty Haul! (Sephora + Drug store)

Hiya everyone! Over the past month, I've done...a LOT of makeup and beauty product shopping, in preparation for my cousins wedding, coming up shortly, iA! There have been a few things on my mind that i wanted to get, and the wedding is perfect excuse to shop and stock up on products, that i will… Continue reading Huge Beauty Haul! (Sephora + Drug store)


7 Book Recommendations by Rawan (Guest Post!)

Hi! Bringing to you another guest post by my bookworm blogger friend, Rawan! Check out my guest post on her blog as well, right¬†here! Hey, everyone! As you may notice, this post isn't written by Sprinkle of Surprise, which can only mean one thing... IT'S A GUEST POST! Okay, as you can see from the… Continue reading 7 Book Recommendations by Rawan (Guest Post!)