5 Minute Beauty Routine With Glossier!

Hey Everyone! With our hectic lifestyles, some days we don't have the time to spend more than five - ten minutes on our faces in the morning! This is basically the story of my life on the daily. I don't give myself a lot of time in the mornings to get ready, because let's be… Continue reading 5 Minute Beauty Routine With Glossier!


Special Date Night Ideas With Turo!

Hi Everyone! Date night. Weather it be with a group of friends or your honey bunny, we all want to spice things up from time to time! We're all used to the typical dinner and movie night, but what can YOU do to shake up your date night routine? Here's a few ideas I have… Continue reading Special Date Night Ideas With Turo!

Importance of Self-Love

Hey Everyone! Self-love. The importance of it has become more and more necessary in this day and age. In my own short and not as experienced life, I find that people of my generation (in general) are just too stressed, too worried, always thinking about the next step, and never satisfied. I find myself being a victim of this from time to time… Continue reading Importance of Self-Love


Sister’s HS Graduation Party : DIY Inspo!

Hi Guys! It has been a minute since i've blogged, I took a break without trying to or planning for it. Life has gotten SO hectic in past few weeks at work, and school, and on top of that i was travelling for a few days in between, so basically there's just been NO time!… Continue reading Sister’s HS Graduation Party : DIY Inspo!