Ramadan Fashion Mini Series: Week 3

Hello all!

We are already in week 3 of Ramadan! This month is flying by!

Make sure to check out our First Week’s Post & Second Week’s Post! By now i’m sure you all know how this collaboration works, so lets get right into this weeks post!

Let’s get started!

Sprinkle of Surprise’s Contribution

Look 1: So this past weekend, was the long weekend of 4th of July. I had an iftar Thursday, Friday & Saturday night so it was a busy weekend! I wish i could show you all 3 outfits, but let me share 2 of my weekends looks.
On Thursday i decided to wear this brown rust-ish colored suit. It’s a pretty suit with a lot of intricate detailed work, and the colors work well together. week 3-pic 3

I decided to wear flat flip flop type shoes, that are beige and brown and matched well with the suit. I also didn’t bring a bag/purse with this outfit, since i couldn’t decide on one so i decided to just hold my phone in my hand that night. Not the best idea lol.

Here’s more details of this outfit:week 3-pic 1 week 3-pic 2 week 3-pic 4Look 2: The second iftar of this weekend, on Sunday, i decided to wear another shirt only suit. I paired it with my own black tights, since the shirt came as its own piece. week 3-outfit 2-pic 3

I paired this with my black leather Micheal Kors bag & neutral beige flat shoes. I wanted to keep the colors coordinated and thought this worked pretty well.

I’m pleased with the way this outfit turned out, i like wearing these shirt only type suits as their so easy to pull on & pull off!

Here’s more details of the outfit:

week 3-outfit 2-pic 1 week 3-outfit 2-pic 2 week 3-outfit 2-pic 4

The Z Space’s Contribution

This weekend was a busy one compared to the more relaxing ones I’ve had this month. I had a chance to rock two traditional outfits for iftars!

Look 1: This is one of my favorite casual dresses! It is an every day dress that can work for any occasion! I wore it to an iftar at our local mosque.

My favorite part of this is the tribal print border, its modern and kind of gives the dress a more western look! I also love the pop of orange with the grey/black. I wore this dress with black heels and my Michael Kors black and gold crossbody.


Look 2: My second look for this week is this simple pink and white dress. It is perfect for summer and the warm weather! The only thing that scared me was that I would spill something on the white, but all was well and I made it through the night without any unfortunate accidents 😛 I got to wear this to another iftar at our mosque!

In the light of it being Ramadan, I chose to keep it simple and not wear too much jewelry. The only accessory I added was this Michael Kors watch, which I usually wear with most outfits.


z6 z7

That’s all for this post! We’ve got only 1 more week of Ramadan to go, so make sure you don’t miss out! Make sure to follow us on our instagrams & blogs to stay up to date on this collaboration!

Share, comment & follow us along! 🙂

Until next time, XOXOsig

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