The Ultimate Guide on Fashion & Beauty for this Summer: Collaboration with First World Beauty

Hello everyone! Today i'm bringing to you another collaboration post, this time with First World Beauty. Make sure you follow her blog along, she has great posts about beauty and fashion! Also check out her: Instagram          Facebook or send her an Email to get in touch. For this collaboration, I'll only be discussing the fashion side.… Continue reading The Ultimate Guide on Fashion & Beauty for this Summer: Collaboration with First World Beauty


Hello all! This is the LAST post for my second collaboration! Can't believe how quickly this collaboration also flew by! Make sure you check out week 1’s post right here! And Week 2's post right here! Also check out Sugar Smile's blog, for her post for this week! Let’s get started! This week, i'm bringing to you, a simple vanilla… Continue reading RECIPES 101! BAKING MINI SERIES: WEEK 3

Ramadan Fashion Mini Series: Week 4

Check out this week’s Ramadan Fashion Mini Series Post!

The Z SPace

Hello all!

We are already at week 4 of this collaboration?! This month went by so fast and I can’t believe that we are already at our last post! Sprinkle of Surprise and I have had a great time doing these posts and we hope that you guys have enjoyed reading them just as much! Comment below and let us know what looks you liked and how you styled your outfits this month!

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The Z Space’s Looks


Look 1: The best way to make a western outfit modest for Ramadan and the mosque is by wearing a flowing maxi skirt. They are the perfect fashionable, modest piece! I wore this outfit to an all girls at a close friends house.


I found this skirt at Charlotte Russe, and it was so appropriate…

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