Bad Muslims? (Guest Post)

Hi Everyone! Today's post relates to current events going on in the world currently, as Muslims and Islam are always a hot topic! Thank you to Diary of a Muslim Student for this wonderful post! Does not praying make you a bad Muslim? Does not wearing hijab make you bad? Does not growing a beard make… Continue reading Bad Muslims? (Guest Post)


Top tips for the Morning After a Fun Weekend!

Hi everyone! Sometimes after weekends, and especially long weekends, we all suffer from morning blues! I always find it difficult to drag myself out of bed on a Monday morning, especially after a fun and busy weekend. I’m sure everyone has experienced this in some way or another. Today’s post is in collaboration with Casper and… Continue reading Top tips for the Morning After a Fun Weekend!

Pumpkin Cupcakes: Reminiscing Fall (Guest Post)

Hello everyone! Another guest post coming your way today--today's is a foodie one! Been TOO long since i've posted anything food/health related, so i'm so glad Janice here, sent this awesome guest post in! Let's get started! The air begins to freshen up, the leaves begin to brown, fall has arrived. Fall is associated with… Continue reading Pumpkin Cupcakes: Reminiscing Fall (Guest Post)


Real Techniques Core Collection – Face Brush Set REVIEW!

Hi! Been a minute since I've done a solid beauty related review, so here's a treat for you! I know i'm so late in getting these real techniques face brushes, but it's something i've had my eye on for awhile now! In December, we did secret santa with my cousins and we had wishlists this… Continue reading Real Techniques Core Collection – Face Brush Set REVIEW!