Eid ul Aza 2015!

Hello everyone! So a few days ago our second Eid of the year -- the bigger of the two Eids--passed! This Eid is after Hajj (pilgrimage) and we sacrifice goats on this as Eid as well. Living in the USA, my parents have to send $ to their distant family in Pakistan to make sure… Continue reading Eid ul Aza 2015!


Favorite Daily use Beauty Products!

Hello everyone! This post is going to discuss a few of my daily beauty products, i use on my face on a daily basis. I've been using these products for years now, and i love them! I would recommend them to really anyone, as i've never had a bad experience with any of them. Clean… Continue reading Favorite Daily use Beauty Products!

Fiction Friday: The Girl on the Train — Book Review

Hi Everyone! I'm bringing to you another book review today! I’ve been itching to get my hands on this book for months now. I was searching for top books to read (fiction) of 2015, and I’ve seen this book pop up on every single search I’ve done! So I knew I had to read it.… Continue reading Fiction Friday: The Girl on the Train — Book Review


Transition to Fall–Lookbook: Part 2!

Hello everyone! This is the second and last post in this series. I hope you guys liked last weeks looks. Finally--this week its starting to feel a bit like fall. The temperature in the mornings is in the 50s (Fahrenheit), and the day time is in the 70s-80s, which is really pleasant!  I'm loving this!… Continue reading Transition to Fall–Lookbook: Part 2!


Transition to Fall–Lookbook Part 1

Hi everyone! So here in the USA, we are entering my favorite season--FALL! I live in the northeast part of the country, where the colors of this season are truly beautiful! I'm so excited for the leaves to change colors and for the weather to cool off a bit--its still in the 90s here smh!… Continue reading Transition to Fall–Lookbook Part 1


Labor Day Weekend; recap!

Hello everyone! SO this weekend is a long weekend here in the USA, and we all have Monday off. This weekend people usually travel since for a lot of kids in school, this is the last weekend before they begin the new year. Everyone in my house is basically past that point--my youngest sister is… Continue reading Labor Day Weekend; recap!


On Wednesday’s…We Wear Pink! (MAC Lipstick Review)

Hi Everyone! Today's post will be all about my favorite 3 MAC lipsticks! 1 of these i've had for awhile and the other 2 are a recent purchase, but i love them all equally! So, in my opinion MAC & Smashbox lipsticks are the best! At least on my lips, they give me the longest… Continue reading On Wednesday’s…We Wear Pink! (MAC Lipstick Review)