2016; A Recap

Wow. Another year has flown by. This has probably been the fastest year yet (I think i say that every year) but i really mean it! Too much has happened this year which has also made it seem like it has flown by at rocket speed! I really wish time would slow down more, or we humans… Continue reading 2016; A Recap


A Letter to My College Self…

Dear F, You have just embarked on the most incredible 4 year journey, you'll remember for a lifetime. Sure, your first semester is miserable and you hate every minute of it especially because you don't have any friends (just wait until October...), and you cry every chance you get because you want to go back to high… Continue reading A Letter to My College Self…

Red Holiday Look!

Hi everyone! Today's post is a little different than others - i tried to do a pictorial outline of a simple makeup look which would be perfect for the holidays! Since it's December now (omg where did the year go?!) This look could be perfect for the holidays! I kept it very simple, but i'm sure you… Continue reading Red Holiday Look!