Never Ending Wedding season…OOTN

Happy Friday Y’all!

So glad another week has passed, work is getting busy and there’s just so much going on!

Anyways, wanted to bring to you guys another outfit post today. I wore this to a valima (Reception) last Sunday.

I’m in love with the outfit because…it’s my favorite color! BLUE! I love Blue! Always have. And navy/dark blues are my favorite shades.

So when my mom bought me this outfit a few months back, i was super excited!

It was my first time wearing the outfit, because it was fancy enough to wear to a wedding, related function. I got so many compliments on my whole look, so i’ll definitely be repeating the outfit!

The shirt has work on the chest & the bottom, and the sleeves. I love the work at the end of the shirt and sleeves the most, because it incorporates a little bit of pink & gold, which adds color to the outfit!

The pants are straight and sort of short/cropped, i guess thats the fashion now. And the dupatta is quite big actually, i had to fold it a few times to make it sit on my shoulders. The work on the pant & dupatta match, and again i love the coordination of the gold on that as well.

I paired this with my solid black heels & gold earrings to finish off the look!

Here’s a few snaps of the look, let me know what you think of it!

IMG_3757 IMG_3758 IMG_3759 IMG_3763 IMG_3764

Have a good weekend guys!

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Until next time, XOXOsig

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