Royal Blue: Valima Look

Hi Everyone! Wow it has been way too long since i brought you a desi outfit look! And it's been over 2 months, since i've dressed up for a desi event. So  here's my first desi look of 2016! Hope you guys love it! The first weekend of January, we were invited to a Valima (basically… Continue reading Royal Blue: Valima Look


Art Decor Pieces by Made by Ummi

Hello everyone! Today's post is going to be about the recent artwork i've purchased as gifts for my sister and some for myself, to decorate my room with! So lately, in the past month or so, i've become obsessed with interior decorating, and following/liking random house/room pictures on Instagram. It's so inspiring to see cool… Continue reading Art Decor Pieces by Made by Ummi

Love & Beauty by Forever 21: Kitty Eyeshadow Kit (Guest Post)

Hi Everyone! Today's guest post is by Adia, and she'll be discussing the Eyeshadow palette by Forever 21 I've never used this myself, so i'm very happy she's sharing her thoughts on it! Here it is! Hello everyone! My name is Adia Khan and I am a travel/beauty blogger and a self-taught MUA and today I… Continue reading Love & Beauty by Forever 21: Kitty Eyeshadow Kit (Guest Post)


5 Ways to Create an Inspiring & Fabulous Year in 2016! (Guest Post)

Hi Everyone! With the new year that just began, here's a guest post about how YOU can create a fabulous year for yourself! ------------------------------------------------------------- Having a beautiful life, bursting with happiness and gratitude isn’t reserved for a few chosen people. Being that incredible, radiant woman that you’ve always dreamed of isn’t out of reach. It’s… Continue reading 5 Ways to Create an Inspiring & Fabulous Year in 2016! (Guest Post)