Turtleneck + Booties OOTN

Hello everyone! Brining to you another OOTN, This post has been sitting in my drafts for over 20 days lol. So i'm just going to speak/leave the post as is, in present tense, even though i wore this outfit few weeks ago. I wore this on the first weekend of October, when ¬†went out with… Continue reading Turtleneck + Booties OOTN


Six Ways to Help a Friend Who is in an Abusive Relationship (Guest Post)

Hello everyone! I'm back from my mini hiatus of blogging. Today's post is going to be different than any of my previous posts. I was approached by Aneesah (don't forget to follow her blog, link below) a few weeks ago, and she was interested in doing a guest post on a topic of domestic violence.… Continue reading Six Ways to Help a Friend Who is in an Abusive Relationship (Guest Post)

Friendsgiving Potluck!

Hi everyone! So this past weekend, my sister and i were invited to a 'friendsgiving' potluck at our family friends house. It was an all girl event, and it was hosted by 4 sisters who we've known for like 10 + years, we met them through sunday school when we first moved to this state.… Continue reading Friendsgiving Potluck!


Teeka Dholki!

Hello everyone! So this past weekend, myself and 4 of my close college friends...threw a dholki/bridal shower for our OTHER college friend, who is getting married this December! Can't believe such a good friend of mine is getting married, she and i are super close, so its totally crazy but exciting that this is happening!… Continue reading Teeka Dholki!


Rust Orange Top & Favorite Tall Boots; Fall OOTN

Hola Amigos! Hope you're all doing great! Just bringing you a quick post about an outfit i wore last Friday. I went to a Pakistani Student Event at my old University, with my sisters and friends so wanted to share with you what i wore. The weather over here on the east coast was ridiculous… Continue reading Rust Orange Top & Favorite Tall Boots; Fall OOTN


Homemade Guac: Take 1!

Hello! This past weekend, my sister and i made guacamole at home for the first time ever! It was quite simple to make, the toughest part is the actual peeling of the Avacado. Here's a quick post to discuss how we made it and how it turned out! We used: Onion (not pictured here), Green… Continue reading Homemade Guac: Take 1!