Palette’s Galore!

Hola! So last week I was online shopping on because I had a gift card, and I came across an eyeshadow palette i really liked! I had actually seen it in person because my cousin owns one, and it has so many more colors options than my regular palette's, so i decided to buy… Continue reading Palette’s Galore!


Candy Crush Birthday!

Happy birthday to my mother!!!  Yesterday was her birthday and Lol about a month ago my sisters and i came up with an idea to get a custom made cake for our moms bday. There is this lady i came across on fb, one of my friends liked her page, so i figured i would… Continue reading Candy Crush Birthday!

New York….I love you <3

AH! What a day! My best friend from 6th grade, moved to NYC for her job last June and has been telling me to come see her ever since she got there, and for some reason or another, we've never gotten around to it, until NOW! We just always meet when she comes home, but… Continue reading New York….I love you ❤


So begins the season…parties, graduations, weddings

Hello! So yesterday i received my package in the mail for a dress i ordered online at Lord & Taylor. I was super excited to see what it looked like, and prayed that it would fit , always a risk with online shopping lol (it did fit perfectly though,so yay). I bought it for the… Continue reading So begins the season…parties, graduations, weddings


Fitness Challenge: Colorful Chicken!

Hola! So about a month ago, i came across a instagram account for a girl who was super into fitness, and she has red hair! I was intrigued and decided to just follow her page, she announced a fitness challenge for 30 days, where she would be uploading videos of 1/2 hour work outs for… Continue reading Fitness Challenge: Colorful Chicken!


Parallel Worlds

Wow! Where do i start with this book? I'm so glad I read it, and i actually came across it by total accident. One day, i was searching online good books to read, and i came across A Fall of Marigolds and decided to check it out from my library. All in all, i love… Continue reading Parallel Worlds


Let’s get started…

Hello! Welcome to my new world! I bet you are wondering what exactly this blog is going to be about...i'm still trying figure that out myself! I decided to start this as a way for me to channel my energy and feelings and just a place to share my thoughts with you all. I'm a… Continue reading Let’s get started…