New York….I love you <3

AH! What a day!

My best friend from 6th grade, moved to NYC for her job last June and has been telling me to come see her ever since she got there, and for some reason or another, we’ve never gotten around to it, until NOW! We just always meet when she comes home, but I’m so glad we met up and spent the day together in NYC.
Living so close to NYC is always a benefit, its 1 train ride away, but life just gets in the way of going there often.

Anyways, i boarded the train this morning with my book and sunglasses in hand. It was a really nice day here on the east coast today, close to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, warmest day so far of the year! So no need for a jacket today.

IMG_2443ย I’ll do a blog post on this book once i finish, hopefully it’s good!

Anyways, i got to the city around mid afternoon, and we met at the station and decided what to do. Now my fellow Muslims, we all know eating halal food is the best whenever you can, because who doesn’t enjoy chicken? So i’m sure you have all heard about halal guys, if you haven’t–please go google them. Hands down the best chicken and rice platters in the city, do yourself a favor and get it next time you go. You will not be disappointedIMG_2444!

After eating and catching up, we decided to head to Brooklyn bridge. I’ve never been to this bridge before, so this was a first for me. The best thing about this bridge is that on the side they have a whole path of walkers and bikers! So it was awesome walking across the whole thing and seeing the entire skyline from a different view!

IMG_2453 IMG_2445

The walk was a workout itself, we walked over 8 miles today! So awesome, great exercise! Anyways, at the end of the bridge there is a park to sit at and there is a ice cream place as well. On a day like today, the whole world was eating ice cream. So we got in line and got ice cream and sat on the grass and people watched and admired the view. It was awesome. The view of Manhattan and seeing the statue of liberty in the distance, is incredible.

Now if we weren’t full enough at this point, we decided to end the day with dinner in manhattan. We went back to the city and cut through Washington Square park and had dinner at a low key ramen noodle place.

I had to get on a train back after that and here i am writing about it! i am SO tired now! Woof, so much walking! but so worth it! I’m glad i went into the city today and experienced a different part of it. Got to do this more often esp since my bff lives there!

Also for my bollywood lovers—fun fact, Kal Ho Na Ho, the song and parts of the movie were shot at the Brooklyn Bridge! LOL! The title song, where shah rukh khan is walking down and singing is on this bridge! Who knew! SO awesome!

Alhamd for a great day. Now i’m beat so i’m going to sleep. Hope you guys enjoyed seeing the city thorough my pics!
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7 thoughts on “New York….I love you <3

  1. I love the halal chicken over rice! it really is a must when I visit the city! and knowing that Shahrukh walked on the Brooklyn Bridge makes its it even more special lol ๐Ÿ˜›

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  2. I LOVE THAT MOVIE ! bollywood is life but can be very evil too ! I’m actually watching a bollywood movie right now ahahahhah I’m always up for some bollywood romance


      1. It’s called Mujhse dosti karoge ! and i think I’m watching it for the 100th time lol last movie i watched that I really liked was Ram-leela & Devdas killed me ! I thought about that movie months after watching it ๐Ÿ˜ฅ MAJOR FEELS


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