Birthday Weekend; recap!

So guys! My 23rd birthday just passed, and i wanted to do a quick recap post of how my birthday went! First of all, i cant even believe i'm this i feel like a grandma sometimes. Anyways, my birthday was on a Friday this year---wohoo! But it was like a birthday like any other,… Continue reading Birthday Weekend; recap!


22 Things I’ve learned in my 22 Years

Since my birthday is right around the corner---Friday, November 20th to be exact, I wanted to do this post as a recap of things I’ve learned in life so far. 1) Travel When I was younger I took for granted all of the incredible family vacations my parents planned for us. I have been to… Continue reading 22 Things I’ve learned in my 22 Years

How to use Lemon Juice to Lighten your Skin! (Guest Post)

Hello everyone, Here's the second guest post for my blog, by the lovely Kristina. You can follow her blog here. Read along for her great post! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Does lemon juice lighten skin? The thing about skin blemishes, particularly on your face, or other exposed parts of your body, is that they can make you feel super… Continue reading How to use Lemon Juice to Lighten your Skin! (Guest Post)