My Fitness Pal…Review & Uses

Hi All! Today i wanted to discuss with you all an app that i have been using daily for the past almost  6 months! For anyone who is trying to control their diet and/or wants to know how many calories they intake a day, this app is FOR YOU! Its so easy to use and… Continue reading My Fitness Pal…Review & Uses


Never Ending Wedding season…OOTN

Happy Friday Y'all! So glad another week has passed, work is getting busy and there's just so much going on! Anyways, wanted to bring to you guys another outfit post today. I wore this to a valima (Reception) last Sunday. I'm in love with the outfit's my favorite color! BLUE! I love Blue! Always… Continue reading Never Ending Wedding season…OOTN

Liebster Award!

Hi Everyone! I've been tagged for another award, this time by Noor for the Liebster award! Thanks girl! Everyone go check her out. Here are the questions & answers i've been given: If you could speak another language, which language would you pick and why? I would love to speak so many languages! Not sure how to… Continue reading Liebster Award!


Statement Necklace OOTD: Collaboration with Ryane Zamora Beauty

Hey everyone! Today's post will be in collaboration with Ryane Zamora! She's an awesome fashion & beauty blogger, make sure to check out her blog here. We decided to both purchase this statement necklace from Forever 21 and style our own individual looks around it! Here's my look: I wanted to keep my look simple enough,… Continue reading Statement Necklace OOTD: Collaboration with Ryane Zamora Beauty


Change & New Beginnings

Hi everyone! This post is going to be a bit different than my usual stuff. I'm going to get a bit personal with y'all, so keep reading if you'd like to learn a little more about me 🙂 Change. It's such an in explainable feeling, for some it's welcomed, but for most it's dreaded. I… Continue reading Change & New Beginnings


Anarkali: Wedding OOTN

Hello everyone! This past weekend, my family & i had 2 weddings (wedding related functions) to attend. It was for family friends, and i actually knew the brides getting married, personally, so it was kind of shocking and great to see them get married! Anyways, on Sunday night, i wore this beautiful Anarkali dress, that… Continue reading Anarkali: Wedding OOTN


Happy Monday!

Hello all, I'm back with my regular weekly posts. Wanted to start this week off on a lighter note, as we all may be experiencing Monday Blues. Yes, it is the start of another week, but hey, at least the weather has been beautiful lately! I know that Mondays can be a struggle for most… Continue reading Happy Monday!