My Fitness Pal…Review & Uses

Hi All! Today i wanted to discuss with you all an app that i have been using daily for the past almost  6 months! For anyone who is trying to control their diet and/or wants to know how many calories they intake a day, this app is FOR YOU! Its so easy to use and… Continue reading My Fitness Pal…Review & Uses

Statement Necklace OOTD: Collaboration with Ryane Zamora Beauty

Hey everyone! Today's post will be in collaboration with Ryane Zamora! She's an awesome fashion & beauty blogger, make sure to check out her blog here. We decided to both purchase this statement necklace from Forever 21 and style our own individual looks around it! Here's my look: I wanted to keep my look simple enough,… Continue reading Statement Necklace OOTD: Collaboration with Ryane Zamora Beauty