25 years.

25. Wow, that number seems so...strange. Unreal. Exciting? Scared? All of the above. I can't believe i'm now 25. Mid-twenties feels like it was so far away, and just as everything in life, time is just flying by. Every year, my birthday is always super exciting for me, something i look forward to, plan for,… Continue reading 25 years.


#adoreyourself With Adore Me! Jump start to the new year!

Hi! With the new year comes new challenges, resolutions, and changes. It can be so difficult to get yourself going in the new year. Sometimes, it doesn't even feel like a new year because, well it is just another day isn't it? I'm not much of a resolutions type person - but the New year brings a… Continue reading #adoreyourself With Adore Me! Jump start to the new year!