Red Holiday Look!

Hi everyone!

Today’s post is a little different than others – i tried to do a pictorial outline of a simple makeup look which would be perfect for the holidays! Since it’s December now (omg where did the year go?!) This look could be perfect for the holidays!

I kept it very simple, but i’m sure you could add a pop of color to the eyes or make it more dramatic if you’d like!

Here goes! 🙂

Step 1: Eyeliner + Mascara

I kept the eyeliner pretty simple, no cat or wing eye here. Just made it thicker as i got to the outer part of my eyes – this is pretty much how i do my eyeliner on a daily as well!

Step 2: Concealer + Foundation


I’ve been testing out the Tarte Maracuja Concelear for the past month or so on the daily – and i love it! Once i get through my sample – i will definitely be buying the full version. A little bit of this on the tip of my beauty blender, and i’m good to go! It is extremely filling and hides my damn dark circles quite well. It does however, give a bit of a ‘too’ white look, so it’s a bit obvious i have product on – but that’s where the beauty blender comes in. Blending it out perfectly ensures that it’s not so obvious looking!

Step 3: Pencil liner + Lipstick

Photo on 2016-11-25 at 13.13 #2.jpg

I typically never wear a red lip unless it’s a special occasion or i’m REALLY trying to glam up! But for the holidays – it’s the perfect thing to do! Hence why i kept the eye and face looking pretty simple since the lip is so bold!

And there you have it! The final look!

Photo on 2016-11-25 at 13.17.jpg

Let me know what you think of this!!!

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3 thoughts on “Red Holiday Look!

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