Current Skincare Products Review!

Hi Lovelies! My blog posts are becoming fewer and far between, anyone notice? It's crazy how i went from posting 3-days-a-week to once a week, to now...once every two weeks or so. I don't even mind it, because i let myself write as it comes naturally to me and don't want to force posts when… Continue reading Current Skincare Products Review!

Kylie Cosmetics – Holiday Edition – Mini Mattes Review!

Hola! If you know me and follow me on Instagram then you know that ever since Kylie's released her lip kits, i've been wanting to get my hands on them! It's pretty ridiculous how fast these products of hers sell out so so so so fast - like she's rolling in some serious dough these days! Anyways, the hype… Continue reading Kylie Cosmetics – Holiday Edition – Mini Mattes Review!