Birthday Look & Kate Spade


My 24th birthday just passed on November 20th, and i’m feeling old. Not like OLD old, but definitely feel like this is a totally new phase of life than where i was even 4 years ago.
Time is flying too fast for me, like how is it already 2016 and the year is almost over?! I don’t know where time goes!

I’m blessed to be another year older though and thanks for all the wishes! This look is my birthday #ootd and the bag i’m featuring here was my birthday gift from my parents this year.

I wanted to keep the look simple but stylish, which is how I think I typically style myself most of the time. The look is perfect for wearing to work or going out – which is the way i like it! I paired it with heels to give it a slightly more feminine and sophisticated look!

Outfit Details:

Striped shirt – Forever 21
Black jeans – Forever 21
Heels – H&M
Long white vest – H&M
Tote bag – Kate Spade

Check it out!


Let me know what you guys think of this look!

Happy early thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans! Enjoy the long weekend!

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Until next time, XOXO

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