Wow, 2018! Trip to Pakistan

Wow! I did not mean to be gone for this long. The last month and half have been so insane and busy.

I still keep forgetting its 2018. Like what. Where is time going? Ah, I know most people are like ‘New year, New me’. Or ‘I have xyz goals for this year’. But I’ve never been one for resolutions that i truly follow through with.

This year is going to be a whirlwind, i’m sure of it. A lot of life changes, new beginnings and things are going to happen iA. I’m trying to just not loose my mind and get through it all. I hope to share all the info with you guys as things pan out, but i’m a very firm believer in the evil eye – so I apologize in advance for random disappearances, long gaps and my quietness around these topics. I will share all once I can!

I went to Pakistan after 9 years this past holiday season. From Christmas – mid-January. Which is also throwing me off and making it hard to realize it’s a new year. The trip was hectic as ever, with my cousins wedding + daily shopping (till we dropped).

Jetlag is a nightmare but thankfully better now than it was last week when i returned.

Pakistan was very surprisingly better than I imagined. Yes, I had heard too much of the mainstream media and was basically afraid for my own safety and overall, just how to be in Karachi after a decade. But it was amazing to see that things have gotten better, not worse there. People are not as rude, shopping is insane but we somehow managed to get everything we needed to get done (alhumd), and food there is beyond excellent.

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw my posts and stories of my time spent there. Overall, it was a pretty good trip and made me appreciate the motherland!

No new outfits for this cousins’ wedding of mine. Since it was in Pakistan, we were able to repeat my cousin who got married in August – clothes from that wedding – so it made the wedding a breeze too! Here’s quick looks from it just so you can see!


I hope to be back with regular programming posts of fashion, beauty, and just life stuff soon!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and great start to 2018!

Until next time, XOX

8 thoughts on “Wow, 2018! Trip to Pakistan

  1. Love your outfits, especially the tea pink one! I am heading to Pakistan after 6 years this April…kinda hoping a random wedding will come up that I can crash ;). Mostly just excited to sight see and visit some new cities outside of Karachi! Where did you visit?

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  2. I am so glad you were able to go! I am trying to go for the first time in a very long time next year as well and so I’m very happy you made it out and enjoyed every second of it! Love all the shalwar kameezes, absolutely stunning!

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