My Cousin’s Wedding August 2017 Recap!

I’m back!!

It’s been a minute – but as I said in my last post, i’d be taking a break to travel to California for my cousins wedding!! It went by TOO fast (As always) and it’s been taking me a little bit to get readjusted to real life. Super thankful to have had that vacation time to get away from home and ‘reality’, because i really needed it. Making it even tougher to get back into things now that i’m home.

Let me get straight into the post since it’ll be a long one, as there were plenty of events + outfits for me to show you guys!

Day 1 – Dholki:
So this was hosted/thrown by my Mami for my cousin/bride (who is my Khala’s daughter). All of this wedding was on my mom’s side of the family, and my mom has a sister (who’s daughter’s wedding it was) and a brother who both live out in Cali with their respective families. Dholki’s are just a tradition/cultural event. Mostly a dinner, with dhol (Drum) playing and singing and dancing. It’s basically to kick-off/start the wedding events, and is an event basically just for ladies. This was the day after i landed in Cali, so we really hit the ground running.

For this event – i wore a cape style dark green & gold outfit that I bought from JJ. I love this outfit and will definitely be repeating it here at home someday for sure! I paired it with small jhumar style earrings and the gold clutch I used at multiple events, because well, got to pack smart! And my nude heels!

Day 2: Mahnja/Mayoon: This is basically a cultural-ish event as well. This was a few days after the dholki and officially kicked off the wedding week! Traditionally everyone wears yellow to this event, and there are some ‘rasams’ we do to the bride this day – followed by dhol playing, singing, dancing and dinner.

For this event – we repeated our outfits from my cousin’s wedding/mahnja last year. Because we didn’t want to get new yellow outfits made again, so it worked out well. We all braided our hair this day as well just to add a cool look to all of us girls and cousins! My aunt also got all of us girl cousins and the bride, matching fake flower earrings which were comfortable and cute to wear.
Forgive me for the selfie here – i have no other good pics of this day’s outfit of me solo – so this will have to do!


Day 3: Nikkah: This was later on in the week, so we actually had some time between the Mahnja and Nikkah – which gave us time to chill, do other fun things in Cali, but also majorly prep for the wedding!
The Nikkah is the religious ceremony and it was held at the Masjid on Friday morning. We all opted for more pastel and simpler outfits since it is usually a smaller event and the most emotional since they are officially married!
I wore this new white/beige outfit I had bought a few months back, it was perfectly fitting for this occasion and not overly fancy that it will be easy for me to repeat here at home for events too!
Day 3 Continued- Mehndi: 
Yes, my aunt held 2 events on the same day. It was a whirlwind to say the least! The nikkah ceremony took the morning till mid-afternoon, and we had a few hours to come home and ‘relax’ then start getting ready for the mehndi/henna party night. Again this is more of a cultural event with singing and dancing and basically the last night big ol’ party night before the wedding/formal events!

It was a lot of fun, lots of dancing and a skit performed by us girls side family – woo! For this, i wore a new outfit that was royal blue in color. I love blue as you all know, but this shade is a tad bit bright for me, but i was pretty happy with the look overall and did get a lot of complements on it too!

I wore my mom’s earrings with it, black heels and clutch and curled my hair for this look! It was definitely one of my favorite looks from the wedding overall!

Day 4: Ruksati/Wedding – This was the ruksati (meaning my cousin/bride goes home with her groom, and are officially ‘married’) night that is hosted by the girls family. For this, my aunt got all of us girl first cousins matching outfits but different colors, made custom for all of us. Mine was a baby tea-pink shade which i didn’t mind at all!

The pants were ‘dhaka-pajama’, really wide at the bottom almost made it look like we were wearing a skirt. This day we all also got our own hair and makeup done so it was a busy day since we all had to get all that done first then come home and change etc. I opted for an updo this day because the next day i knew i wanted to leave my hair down – i wasn’t totally pleased with the hair this day, but i let it go. Makeup was done at Sephora and as always, they slay all day everyday!

I wore big gold earrings with this look, pink bangles, and sparkly heels that i wore to my cousins wedding last year too, but still for some reason hurt my feet pretty bad. Urgh!

Day 5: Valima – The last day of the wedding! It is the function held by the boy/groom’s side of the family and basically the reception. On this day, my aunt declared that everyone, including all the moms/aunts and us girl cousins wear saris.
Yes, SARIs. I was panicking for this because it was my first time wearing a sari, and walking in them is no joke. Since it’s basically a cloth wrapped around you, you have to make sure the pleats in the front don’t open or the skirt part falls loose as you move around.
It was a bit of a headache but it looked so nice on all of us being coordinated. My sister and i wore my moms sari’s actually, that she altered the blouses for so we could fit into them. I chose this deep blue/purple one because i love the color and the work on it.

Again we got our hair and makeup done at the same places as the previous day, and i kept my hair down, curled with a braid. My makeup was deeper and more heavy this day to go along with the sari look.

Overall, i don’t mind sari’s but it’ll just take time and practice with wearing them to be more comfortable in it!

And that’s a wrap! Another family wedding down! It was an awesome time in California and went by too fast. The cousin who got married, is my closest cousin/friend so it was really fun and emotional to see her get married.

Let me know which of these looks you loved the most! I would say i loved the last 3 days the most, ha!

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13 thoughts on “My Cousin’s Wedding August 2017 Recap!

  1. I just came here accidentally and I can’t tell you how happy I’m. My cousin who is actually my ( khala’s dauhter) is getting married.And I’m too excited. She is also my closet cousin and for her valima I’m also wearing saree. I have to hit the follow button. You were really looking pretty and yes I’m going to follow you on ig

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    1. Omg lol this made my day! I love when new people stumble upon my blog and find my stuff interesting! OH that’s such a great coincidence! What color is your sari going to be? I hope you do a recap post on your outfits too! I’m going to check out your blog right now too! XOX

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