Hair Smoothing Treatment: Thoughts and Results!

Hi Everyone!

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that hair is one of my biggest struggles of life. I’ve been through all of the phases – in middle school I caused the most damage to my hair. Straightened it every time i took a shower. I didn’t know how to live with my natural hair and i wanted that gross super sleek look.

The over heat styling basically dried out my hair. I’ve also had a problem with growing it forever as well. Not sure when i really started to care and think more about how my hair is doing. I want to say it all escalated over last few years since i’ve been done with college. With school, it was just hard to care and put in time to hair care. Now that i’m almost in my mid-twenties (!!) my mom shows more concern for my hair than i do sometimes.

I’ve discussed in previous posts that i take biotin pills – i still do on/off, but really don’t know how much of a difference it makes for me. I just have a growth problem, my hair doesn’t grow after a certain length basically and split ends become insane. I’ve been oiling my hair on and off for years as well – a combination of coconut, amla, and other Indian- types of oils. This past year i also started to use egg in it on and off, once a week for a few months. I struggle staying consistent with anything because i don’t see results – but i also don’t do anything consistently (3+ months) to see a difference.

My regular eyebrow-facial-woman need lady has been harping on me for the past year to get a smoothing hair treatment like Brazilian blowout or keratin treatments to reduce frizz and ease my hair use. I was always skeptical because i don’t want overly straight looking hair. It’s not natural looking and looks oily quicker.

Anyways, i finally took the leap of faith! The process was basically a protein-Chi based-restoration treatment. I’ll try my best here to explain how it went down:

  1. My spa lady basically gave me a chi based shampoo to use and wash my hair twice with, right before coming into her. I woke up early on Saturday and took a shower with the shampoo. Essentially it is to clean out your hair and ‘prep’ it for the treatment. Nothing notable to say about the shampoo, it’s oily-ish, but easy to lather and rinse with no specific smell.
  2. Then I arrived to her house to get this started. She took my dry hair and sectioned it off into a million small pieces. With this Chi product out in a bowl, used a paint-brush like tool to apply the product to each strand/section of my hair. This was tedious as hell. The product looks kind of like shampoo, but my hair took to it well. She covered my entire head with it and we had to let it sit that way for 45 minutes-to an hour.
  3. In that time i got a facial (great use of time), and at this point the product had basically dried somewhat, but not completely. It kind of hardened on my hair. She then sat me back down and blew dry my hair with the product in. Yes, kind of gross for sure. So once dried into my hair, we brushed product through hair – but we didn’t wash it.
  4. Instead, once dried, she began to straighten my hair with product still in it – essentially to ‘lock in’ the treatment. I was most hesitant with this part because i didn’t want the overly straight look. She didn’t straighten it intensely but definitely did do a good job of it.
  5. Once straightened, the product/treatment had to sit in my hair basically for a day. I had to then take a shower the next morning to get product out. This was hardest part because i felt so gross! The product was weighing down my hair basically and with it looking so straight, it felt like i hadn’t washed it in days, ha!
  6. The day passed and i showered it out Sunday morning. It is preferred to use keratin based shampoos afterwards to keep this treatment lasting longer, so i did just that!

Once showered, i let my hair dry naturally. This was the craziest part because, my hair dried straighter than it ever has before in life. That’s when i realized this treatment worked! Now it didn’t fall limp straight, i did have some waves in my hair, but frizz was basically not existent. and the hair felt super smooth and looks shiny for a few days after showering!

Here’s a before and after of my hair, after a shower, naturally dried:
PicMonkey Collage

The right image is before hair treatment and left is after.

That night i had to go to a wedding, so i even curled my hair and it curled well and i slept with it like that and second day curls were also really nice! I’m super glad that my ‘new natural’ hair looks decent enough, and i don’t have to look like a crazy firzzball if i just let my hair go. As i’ve mentioned, with my cousins wedding in less than a month (!!) the amount of heat i’d end up using on the daily there, is legit cut in half or more, because now i have normal hair!

I also felt that it didn’t fall out as much in the 2 washes i’ve had since the treatment which is a great sign for me! The one downside is that i feel like after two days of washing, my hair looks a bit oily. Normally with my actual curly/wavy/frizzy hair – i’m able to pull 3 full days of no wash – before washing. The fact that it is much straighter naturally now, makes it look much more oily in between washes.

Overall, i’m glad i got this done. The results aren’t overly dramatic making me look like a new person, but my hair is finally manageable. This is only supposed to last truly two-three months, which is perfect for me given the # of family and friend weddings i have in next months.

Here’s a few pictures of how my hair looked before and after treatment:

Let me know if you’ve ever tried a similar treatment yourself! Would love your thoughts!

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3 thoughts on “Hair Smoothing Treatment: Thoughts and Results!

  1. I recently got the brazilian blowout and LOVED IT – i suffer from frizzy hair syndrome too! Another product that i ABSOLUTELY love to use straight after the shower is the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. After applying that I’ll also apply Moroccan oil.

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