Quick Curls for Naturally Wavy Hair!

Hi All!

Today’s post is a quick one about how i achieve natural  looking curls in my already naturally wavy and coarse hair!

I typically only curl my hair nicely for fancier occasions, parties, weddings etc. Not for everyday because i’m always trying to limit the amount of heat damage to my hair. But you can of course do this on a daily basis if you’re going for that look!

The only two things i use while curling my hair: Heat Protectant and my Wand Curling Iron. I love that it comes with the glove – SO needed! I always feel like i burn my hands with heat so this protects and lets you touch the wand even when it’s hot.

I don’t use a clam curler because I just don’t know how to use them, wands are much easier to use even though at first i was intimidated by them as well! After a few tries, you’ll be a pro!

So here’s my natural hair before i did anything to it:Photo on 2017-03-17 at 13.28.jpg

I had showered the night before and this is what i woke up with. Pretty standard for me after showers. I have naturally wavy and pretty dry hair (urgh, constant struggle) so putting curls in my natural hair is way easier than straightening first then curling. Plus that is TOO much heat damage for 1 day!! But i do do that for super fancy occasions when i want my hair to look super fabulous. But this post is just about curling my natural hair so here we go!

So here’s how i curl a strand of hair:

  1. I fist choose which side I want to start with, and clip the hair on the other side away so it doesn’t get in between you and curling
  2. Then the side i’m working on, i go strand by strand. Typically a strand is a finger or two wide.
  3. Doing it this way is much quicker and the bigger the curls you want, the bigger the strands you can make!
  4. Wrap the hair around the wand and hold it there for 2 mins or so (i put the heat on highest which is 410 degrees) this time depends on how high your heat is
  5. Once you let go, hold the curl in your hand for 30 seconds – it traps the heat in the curl and when you let go, wa-lah! There is your curl!

Photo on 2017-03-17 at 13.40

Here’s how my hair looked once i finished!

I pinned it up because that is the best/easiest way for me to wear it, especially if you’re trying to keep your look casual and cute!

And there you have it! Super quick and easy curls to get a natural looking curly look in your hair.

Let me know what you guys do to curl your hair – or any other products you would recommend!

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Until next time, xoxo

Photo on 2017-03-17 at 13.52 #2

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