#adoreyourself With Adore Me! Jump start to the new year!


With the new year comes new challenges, resolutions, and changes. It can be so difficult to get yourself going in the new year. Sometimes, it doesn’t even feel like a new year because, well it is just another day isn’t it?

I’m not much of a resolutions type person – but the New year brings a sense of’ New’ to life. Weather that be with a new job, at home, with a relationship or just for yourself!

Tips for ‘treating yourself’: 

  • We all are guilty of not doing this enough, I know I am. Getting wrapped up in life, is just an excuse we all use. Lately i’ve been feeling super unmotivated, and i can’t figure out why!
  • I decided to take a night off during the week and do nothing but enjoy myself. This basically included me binge-watching all of Season 1 of This is Us (if you don’t watch it- YOU NEED TO!) – but it felt good to do that!
  • Don’t feel guilty about doing it. I know it’s so hard not to – especially if you have a family or other responsibilities – but we are all human! You can only do so much.
  • Take a night off during the week to do something YOU enjoy on your own. The peace of mind that comes after is so gratifying.

How to stay motivated for an active lifestyle:

  • The key is to take care of yourself this year. Eat better, stay active, and do what YOU love. Stop trying to ‘please’ others. It is YOUR life and you are in control of it.
  • I have a hard time getting over my own crazy thoughts a lot of the times too. It is hard, in this crazy social media world we live in, to not compare yourself to others.
  • But it’s important to be centered and content with who YOU are. You have the right to be happy, healthy and #adoreyourself
  • Take up a new activity, find a new hobby, read a new book (my favorite pass time activity), or just enjoy some time with friends!

Essentials for an active lifestyle:

  • Cute workout / athletic wear! The best and basically only essential for us girls out there that is so necessary to keep active. I know that if i’m wearing cute gym attire, it automatically makes me more excited and keen on working out!
  • Check out some of the great Activewear and Fitness  wear to get you inspired to kick butt in all aspects of the year!
  • Tip – sleep in your workout clothes, and if you want to get a quick work out in the morning, you have NO excuse! Wake up, roll out of bed and out the door!

I want to know how you’ll continue to take care of yourself in the coming year! Whether it’s having a pampering “treat yourself” day, exercising more, eating better, or simply just wearing something you love, how do you #adoreyourself?

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