5 Minute Beauty Routine With Glossier!

Hey Everyone!

With our hectic lifestyles, some days we don’t have the time to spend more than five – ten minutes on our faces in the morning!

This is basically the story of my life on the daily. I don’t give myself a lot of time in the mornings to get ready, because let’s be real, sleep is more important! 😛

Anyways, typically when i’m running out of the house, there are a couple go-to beauty products that I need to use on the daily to ensure my skin remains healthy and i look halfway decent.

In collaboration with Glossier, i’m going to bring to you my 5 minute beauty routine!

  1. Moisturizing–IMG_4253.jpgI have featured my Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion, on the blog before as well. This is a must have beauty product for me, because moisturizing and softening the skin is so necessary. I’ll apply this all over my face, focusing on my forehead and nose the most, as well as my hands on the daily.
  2. Eyeliner–img_4254

Again, i’ve featured my favorite eyeliner on the blog previously as well, but it’s still a keeper! NYC Liquid Eyeliner is the only eye makeup i’ll apply on my eyelids everyday before work. I find that eyes and how they look, can really tell how awake or tired  you look so i always need to line them in order to look half alive!

3. Face– IMG_4255.jpgSo here are the 3 products i use interchangeably, or whenever i can, or whatever seems to be the need for the day. YSL Color Correcting Touche Eclat was a purchase from earlier this year, and i’ve been loving it since! It acts as a color corrector but i find sometimes its enough to just blend it out and use as a concealer. Other days, when i have the desire or urge, i will use the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation for a more polished or finished full face look!

4. Lips–IMG_4256.jpgAnd lastly, lips! I’ve become obsessed with matte liquid lipsticks, so my go to on the daily are the NYC ones in the shades Abu Dhabi and Zurich.

And that’s my 5 minute beauty routine! I hope you guys liked it and i’d love to hear your thoughts as well as some of your go to products when you’re running low on time.

Comment below and let me know!

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Until next time, XOXO

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