Winter Wedding Essentials!

Hello everyone!

As we get into the middle of winter, many people are getting ready for weddings! Although most of the weddings (at least for me personally) are during the spring/summer time, there are still a fair share of them in winter months.

The Black Tux has inspired me to share a few of my favorite winter wedding essentials for this season!

Let’s get started!

  1. A fun way to get your guests involved, as well as creating some uniqueness to your wedding, is by having/creating a fun signage station. These can be DIY’s to save money, or i’m sure you could probably purchase this along with your wedding decor. I’d love to see more of these at weddings i attend!
  2. The next essential for a winter wedding would be your bridal bouquet. Most wedding bouquets are the classics and beautiful, but for the winter time, it’s the best to mix it up! The best way to go about this would be by mixing up the flowers you choose. For example, add a white dahlia, some lisianthus’, and some roses. The result will be a colorful, but winter wonderland bouquet!
  3. The third essential would you be your tablescape. Table decor, and decor in general, can make or break a wedding in my opinion. I love seeing stage settings, and unique table center pieces, as a guest. A fun and awesome way to change it up, is by having a unique set up. Intertwine modern and traditional pieces for the perfect table. Glass vases, silver and gray silverware, candles, and flowers are just a few examples of fun ways to have a great table-scape!winter-wedding-reception-tables

And there you have it! Just a few suggestions and essentials i’d love to see more of in the winter time weddings!

Be sure to check out The Black Tux they offer customized tux’s, as well as accessories! Follow them on Instagram as well!

Be sure to check out The Black Tux. They offer customized tuxedo rentals as well as accessories! Follow them on Instagram as well!

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram as well to stay up to date on my blog!

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