Birthday Weekend; recap!

So guys! My 23rd birthday just passed, and i wanted to do a quick recap post of how my birthday went!

First of all, i cant even believe i’m this old…lol i feel like a grandma sometimes.

Anyways, my birthday was on a Friday this year—wohoo! But it was like a birthday like any other, i went out to dinner with my family. We went to a Mediterranean place, about 35 minutes from us, where we’ve been before but its a really nice place!

My sisters decided to get my cupcakes this year rather than an actual cake, which was cool and different, since cake never gets eaten fully in my house and ends up in the garbage! Cupcakes are so much easier!

I also got some amazing gifts this year! My parents bought me this MK Crossbody bag, in black!

IMG_3988 IMG_3989

I decided to wear it out to the dinner that night of my birthday, because i loved it so much! My sisters also got me an MK wallet, since my old one was pretty crappy! Love this also! It’s brown in color with the MK logo across the entire front!IMG_4006 IMG_4007

I also got two tops/jacket/sweater type things from a really good friend of mine. They are both from Guess, where i don’t normally shop at since it’s expensive, but love the stuff i was gifted! You guys will be seeing blog posts on these two very soon! πŸ™‚IMG_2601 IMG_2604

Here is the outfit i wore to go out to dinner. The sweater is gray and sleeveless, but i wore a striped tee underneath to give it some color and design. I love the sweater, since it’s turtleneck and super comfortable!

I paired it with dark jeans and a long necklace. I also wore my favorite booties, that you’ve already seen in my previous posts!FullSizeRender (16) IMG_2431 IMG_2434Yay cupcakes!

Then on Saturday, i went out for lunch with my best friend since 6th grade. We went to a cute pizza place nearby, i’ve only been to once before. We had a good time catching up! Unfortunately i didn’t take any pictures of my meal, because i was too busy eating it lol!

At night, i went to a fancy mexican restaurant with another good friend from high school. My first real/authentic mexican experience with paellas and tapas and everything else! That was also a great meal i was too busy eating to picturize! πŸ˜›

So my birthday was good overall. Just usual family and friends, lots of food and fun.

Here’s to another year!

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Until next time, XOXO


9 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend; recap!

  1. Omg I feel you, I’m going to be turning 21 soon and I don’t know how to feel about that, I still feel like I’m 12 on the inside lol. Happy belated birthday btw! πŸ™‚ Your family sounds so sweet am glad you had an awesome birthday πŸ˜€

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