Be Back Soon: Vacation/Travel Time

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to do a quick post letting you all know, that i will be leaving later tonight, iA, and will be on vacation/travelling for the next 2 weeks almost.

This isn’t a ‘usual’ vacation, it is more of a religious trip, and i’m travelling outside of the USA. During this time, i don’t expect to have much access to my social media or a computer, and wifi will probably be very slow. So i definitely know i will NOT be able to check my blog in this time, even if i do get on my instagram or email.

This will be a good thing in some ways, since our lives are SO consumed by social media. It will help me focus on my prayers, religion, and enjoy the true company of my friends and family around me. It will be a hectic trip and involve a lot of travelling within the country i’m about to visit, but i hope it all goes well inshAllah.

In the mean time, i figured i’d leave you all with a few of my guest posts/articles i have contributed to various blogs/websites in the past few months. I’ve shared them on my instagram, but i know not all my followers follow me there/have an account.

So i wanted to share it all with you here as well, would love your feedback and support on these articles as well.


Yogi Tea Review

Healthy Tips for Ramadan

Healthy Lifestyle as a Muslim


Challenges faced growing up in America–First Generation Child

Personal Reflection on my Ramadan 2015


Smashbox Lipstick Review

Ramadan By Mango-Review of Mango Collection

Take care everyone! I’ll be back after i return from my trips, with many more posts for you!

I do have a few blog posts in mind for when i come back, but do comment below with any suggestions on blog posts you’d like to see from me! I’d love to hear your opinion!

Do be sure to follow me here & on my Instagram to stay up to date on my blog happenings.

Talk to you all soon iA!


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