Top Places for Work & School Attire

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Wanted to bring to you a fun post today, in case you were headed out shopping this weekend and wanted some suggestions of stores to stop by!

I personally love all of these stores and stop by them all the time, every time i go to the mall!

Making the transition from school to professional life & career has its many challenges. I know one of the biggest things I had to adjust to not being able to wear jeans or comfy shoes all day every day. Working in a corporate environment, the way you dress, act & carry yourself say a lot about you. You want to make a good impression yet at the same time not burn a hole in your pocket trying to dress to impress.

If you are currently in college, these are great places for you to begin shopping at anyways! Plus one of the biggest pieces of advice I have for you my friend is to start building a career wardrobe…NOW! It is a great idea to start investing in pieces that you know you can use in the future.

Here’s a list of my favorite places to shop at for my work attire:clothes+on+hangers

The Limited

I recently started shopping here, last winter to be exact. It is a bit pricey, but their clothes are so stylish and perfect for an office environment. I receive their emails all the time, so i’m prone to check their stuff out more often and their sales are quite good. I’ve made some great recent purchases from the sale section that I love wearing.


One of my favorite stores hands down. I buy my comfortable (non-work) related clothes as well as work related clothes form here all the time. So affordable, stylish and affordable.This is a great stop for outfits within a student or recent college graduate’s budget.


A classic for a reason, Gap has tons of great options that can be worn to work or school. Their basics selection is my favorite, (simple button down shirts, black pants) make this a great choice for easy outfits.

Macy’s/JCPenney/Department Stores

I was never a big shopper at department stores until my senior year of college (when I had to buy work related clothes) Macys & JCP have a great selection of petite women work attire which I love. The stuff isn’t super pricey and I always find that the variety is quite good, so this never disappoints. I’ve also shopped via their online websites quite a bit, and this is definitely one of my top choices for work attire.

I hope this list helps & gives you an idea of what stores to check out when you’re out and about shopping next time!

Where are your favorite places to shop for outfits?

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