Ramadan Mini Fashion Series: Week 2

Check out this weeks Ramadan Mini Fashion Series post!

The Z SPace


Hello all!

As you know from my Instagram and last weeks re-blog post, Sprinkle of Surprise and I are collaborating to bring you a mini Ramadan fashion series! Every Wednesday, for the month of Ramadan we will be posting outfits that we wore during this month and hopefully we can inspire some of your outfits!

Ramadan is a religious month for Muslims, in which we fast every day of the month from sunrise to sunset. We take this time to appreciate what we have and are encouraged to give to the less fortunate. We make an effort to strengthen our faith and that includes dressing more modestly.

Along with dressing modestly, the month is filled with traditional outfits, Pakistani outfits for Sprinkle of Surprise and I, because there are get together almost every weekend! We hope you guys enjoy this series where we showcase traditional outfits as well as modest…

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