Matrix Biolage Keratindose Shampoo & Nature Made Biotin Pills-Review

Hello all!

I wanted to do a review on these two items that I have now been using for a few months. Before I start, I want to say that this is all based on my opinion and experience-I am obviously no doctor, so the specifics of these products will of course be something you can consult them on if you would like.

Now, let me tell you a story…a story of the pre-teen, teenage, me! Back in those days, I used to be a fanatic about straightening my hair. Naturally, my hair is wavy, but frizzes quite a bit, and I’ve never been able to master making my hair look ‘nice’ or ‘manageable’ in its natural state. So I would literally straighten my hair after every shower, pin straight! I thought I was so hot and fabulous with my straight hair, and I did this for like all of 7-8th grade, and in high school it was on/off but definitely overused.

Little did I know that this would literally cause a lifelong of damage to my hair. When I got to college, I basically stopped straightening my hair, unless it was for an occasion (interview, party, event, something special) I wore my hair up most days and tried to limit heat exposure to it as much as possible. In the past year or so, my mom has really gotten on my back about my hair and figuring out ways for us to make it better.

I had been through so many different types of shampoos over the past like ten years, and nothing seemed to have a long lasting effect. My mom spoke to one of her friends who first recommended that I cut my hair, and no I don’t mean the usual 1 & ½ – 2 inch trims I kept doing up until now, she said to CUT  a good portion off, the entire dead ends, so that we can start from scratch. I was crying when I heard this. (JK not really) But I don’t like super short hair so I never wanted to cut it off so much. I’ve had medium length hair my whole life, and like it that way. BUT I plucked up the courage and cut it…5 inches. 5 INCHES! My hair was barely touching my shoulders! It was SO SHORT! But I got used to it quick enough and actually didn’t mind it. Since then obviously it has grown out, but I’m glad I chopped it. After that, my mom’s friend recommended the shampoo that I have been using since March of this year. Matrix biolage Keratindose Shampoo. I had never really seen a shampoo by them before, and was hesitant to try it out. But since my current shampoo at the time (I think was Tresemme?) was not doing anything for me, I gave this a shot.


I’m so glad I did! Within the first few uses I realized that the amount of hair that fell out after every shower or in general, significantly reduced! That was another problem along with my overly processed hair, I lose a lot of hair! This shampoo definitely helped me in my hair reduction, along with making my hair feel pretty soft after every use. It’s somewhat different than regular shampoos, as it does not lather as much, but after a few uses, you get used to it. This shampoo also does not contain any sulfate which is a huge plus! Keratin based formulas are essential in positive hair growth and repair, as Keratin is a protein that promotes these functions. So having that incorporated in this shampoo is also a plus.

Overall I am pretty pleased with this shampoo. Of course it is not magic, and takes time to see true results. My hair is still not PERFECT, but it is a lot better than before. My family is noticing that I don’t look as light haired/bald as I was before because of my hair loss. Which is so good, because I don’t want to lose my hair or have super thin hair. I can also see that as my hair is growing out, I have no dead/split ends as of yet. Which is new for me, because usually after cutting my hair, I would see split ends quite soon after my cuts. So I can see real changes to my hair and would highly recommend this shampoo to anyone who has over processed, dull, brittle and lifeless hair.

Once I started using the shampoo, my parents told me about the vitamin-Biotin. I began taking 1 Nature Made Biotin tablet, 5000 mcg’s, a day. Biotin is a member of the B vitamin family, also known as, Vitamin B7. It is used to support metabolism and can also aid in healthy hair, skin, and nails. I have been eating this in conjunction with using the shampoo, and I truly believe the two together are really helping me out. Biotin, I do not think is helping my skin so much, as I’ve never had truly terrible skin, but around that time of the month, I always break out. Otherwise it’s mostly okay. My nails again, were never really problematic. I don’t see a huge difference, they’ve always been strong and not brittle, so maybe the Biotin is just helping them stay the way they are, who knows!


I truly took it for the purpose of my hair lol. I can’t say if this is having a DIRECT impact to my hair, but if it is, then I can definitely see the difference. I haven’t had split ends in months, nor is my hair falling out much. It feels softer than it has in years, but of course my dryness and fizziness’ still exists. That’s gonna have to be taken care by some other product.

I would definitely recommend this pill for anyone who wants healthier hair, skin and/or nails. This can be taken with or before a meal, I eat it in the morning before my breakfast. Of course it is a vitamin and does not have any side effects and can’t really harm you in anyway. Try it out and see for yourself!

So, all in all, I am pleased with both of these products. I’m going to continue using them and see how well they work. I would definitely recommend everyone to give these products a try and see if they work on you!

Let me know if you have tried any of these products, if you have anything else to recommend for dry and damaged hair, or any other comments or questions you may have.

Would love your comments, feedback and support! Don’t forget to follow me along here, and on my Instagram, to read and see more from me!

Talk to you soon lovelies!<3

5 thoughts on “Matrix Biolage Keratindose Shampoo & Nature Made Biotin Pills-Review

  1. I have wavy/occasionally frizzy hair too so I understand how annoying it is! The shampoo you recommended sounds amazing! I definitely want to give it a try!


    1. Haha #browngirlproblems.
      Yeah but very occasionally…i know i should regularize it to make the results on my hair better, but its so hard to always oil and let it sit in your hair! I use a mix of like coconut, and some other oils (sorry idk know which ones exactly, my mom has a mix of like 3 oils and we all use that)


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