Food Diary: Healthier Breakfast & Lunch Options

Hello all! Happy Friday! I wanted to treat you all to a post about food! Because who doesn’t love food?

SO as of recent, i would say a month or so ago, i decided it’s time to change my life! LOL. Okay a bit dramatic, i just realized i had gained more weight than i should have in the past year, and i couldnt live with myself if i gained more. So i began looking at what i was eating and realized most of the problem could be solved if i changed my habits.
It has taken a lot of dedication to change, but now i’m loving it and it’s not a problem for me to eat healthier and avoid junk.

Being from a Pakistani family, my mom does most of the cooking. Our food is not the healthiest in the world, so i realized i’m going to have to learn how to work around that. The only meal i eat at home in a day (weekday) is dinner. So i figured let me adapt new ways for breakfast and lunch first then move onto dinner after i feel comfortable.

Before i made these changes, for breakfast, i was eating a granola bar or nature valley oatmeal squares on a daily basis. That was it. I realized that these are filled with sugar and carbs that are not the healthy sugars or carbs your body needs! Immediately i began researching healthier breakfast items and talking to my friend who has a health background to get some help.

My breakfast now includes: Oatmeal (Quacker Brand-LOW SUGAR oatmeals, not the normal flavored ones-high in calories and sugar, OR the original/plain ones) The low sugar ones have less carb and sugars but still are bearable in taste to eat and enjoy. With that, i would either have a fruit (banana, apple) OR  yogurt (chobani, fruit at bottom or the 100 calorie ones). By having 2 items for breakfast i realized i felt fuller until lunch and i was eating healthier things.

My diet prior to this was severely lacking fruits, veggies and calcium. These have to be consumed for your body to be healthy and to stay fit.

So for breakfast by having a fruit, i was able to atleast get 1 serving of fruit in a day.

For lunch, i used to always bring rice or sandwiches in. Which are again packed with carbs. So i realized i need to eat multiple things, smaller in size, filled with protein, veggies, sugars and fibers. My lunch everyday is usually a combination of the above and i try to mix it up as much as possible.

Having protein intake is really important to build lean muscle. Since my breakfast is low on protein, i began to bring in Kababs for lunch. Usually just one patty like kabab-chapli or shami kabab. I would eat it by its self-getting rid of the sandwich aspect-and eating it plain. Along side, i would bring salads or pre-cut veggies from home with a hummus dip. This way i started to incorporate the right food groups in my meals. Sometimes i will bring in a yogurt or fruit as well, or another smaller snack to eat with my lunch.

I feel so much healthier, happier, fuller and just overall better about myself just by changing my meals! I never used to, and still don’t, buy lunch everyday from my work cafe or from outside, because that leads to even more calorie gain. And a lot of $ wasted on food. So I always bring from home because it is easier for you to control what you eat this way.

I do treat myself usually on fridays, and buy from my work cafeteria. I usually only get a salad and soup though, to keep up with the healthy foods.This week however, I forgot my lunch in the fridge on Wednesday (oops) so I had to buy from cafe. Luckily, i had a pretty protein filled lunch. I’ll include a picture of it below.

Dinner is the only meal that i havent totally been able to control since my mom is the cook. I have cut down on eating BOTH roti and rice for dinner, which are both carb filled. I began to eat one a day and alternating. So one day have roti, the next rice. Usually i’ll eat more roti only because i like it better but really their both not the BEST for you. Pick and choose your battles.

With the roti or rice, i will make sure to have protein. Chicken is big in my house, so normally some sort of dry chicken or a chicken curry or chicken with vegetables sauteed. I also try to have a vegetable with it, whatever my mom makes, like beans, potato or whatever else.

Although its not the healthiest, i have cut down my intake of calories for dinner.

I have also began exercising regularly since April i would say and that has improved everything in partnership with my diet control. I can do a different post on my exercise regime if you guys want to see it. Comment below to let me know!

But yes! So these are healthy options you can incorporate into your diet! Their easy tweaks just to intake the right nutrients and not eat the bad ones anymore. You’ll feel happier and fuller and will be less likely to eat junk food.

I’m going to post pictures of what i ate this past week for my meals, so you can use it for your reference as well!

bfast 1 Maple & Brown sugar LOW SUGAR oatmeal, with 1 Golden Delicious Organic apple slices.bfast 2Original Quacker Oatmeal with Banana.


lunch 1 Whole Wheat tortilla with a kabab inside, Carrots with hummus & 100 Calorie Chobani Strawberry yogurt.lunch 2 Homemade Tandori Chicken pieces, homemade salad & Chobani yogurt-strawberry banana fruit at bottom.

lunch 3Wednesday’s lunch from my cafeteria. Fish with rice & green string beans, side of purple seedless grapes!

lunch 4 Chapli kabab with tortilla, banana, and home made (courtesy of my sister) lemon pound cake for desert.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and it gave you some information on how to eat better and incorporate better food in your diet.

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6 thoughts on “Food Diary: Healthier Breakfast & Lunch Options

  1. I agree that its difficult to eat healthy when you come from a Pakistani family since our mom’s do most of the cooking. Your meals look healthy and delicious! a very inspiring post! 🙂

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  2. your meal plans definitely look healthy, just today my mom was making aloo parathas -_- just when you think you could try eating healthier haha. good luck with your diet, I’m currently trying to figure a way to eat healthier during the week and avoiding some pakistani meals for now. I’m sure I’ll crash a day or two and go for the samosas and chaats, theyre too tempting.

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